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Welcome to Married Women! This board is members-only so please apply to join. We offer a place to discuss marriage, families, life in general. Most topics are fair game because if it matters to you, it probably matters to us.

We do have some ground rules to keep it fun:
You need to be a married woman to be in this community. There are plenty of communities on LJ for engaged, partnered, or otherwise linked couples, but this community is for married women. If you're engaged, we'd love to get to know you once you get back from your honeymoon. :)

1. Be kind and considerate when replying to someone with whom you disagree.
2. Snarkiness will be warned, consistent snarkiness will be banned. There's no reason to insult folks on the internet.
3. When you want to edit something you've written, please add TO your post rather than change it. Add a note at the end of your post that says "ETA:" which stands for "edited to add."
4. Please don't post forwards or promotions galore. If you want to promote another community, just post it once.
5. When we do Memes, please post your own memes in the replies.
6. Have fun and enjoy the conversations!!


If you want to join this community, please include your name, age, and wedding date in your community join request. Thank you!