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LOTTERY (just a thought)

so if YOU randomly bought the winning lotto ticket, lets say 5 million dollars and your husband was not with you nor did he offer any of the winning numbers...would it be considered YOUR money, or BOTH your money...would you decide together how to spend the money? If HIS friends and family started asking for money how would you react? If YOUR family and friends started asking for money how would you react? do you think winning the lotto could cause issues in your relationships with other ppl (including your husband and family)? just a random thought...


It would be OUR money! Any money either of us brings in is joint money. We would decide together how to spend it. Or knowing us, how to save or invest it, we are so boring.

I think it would be great if we could buy things for everyone we love, both families. I don't think it would affect my family much because they are all stable or well-off. It's hard to say how it might affect my husbands family - I guess I could see them making demands on our time (rather than our funds directly), expecting or wanting us to fly down and up and around to see them all the time just because money was no object. But I don't think winning the lottery would throw our marriage for a big loop or anything, except for the complete randomness of winning when neither of us ever buy lottery tickets at all.
I think your ILs would likely spend what they have now knowing that you'd take care of them when they were older. If I were you I'd set up a trust for that and tell them hey, this is what you've got, end of help!
You're probably right, SIGH. Good plan.

And good thing all we do is work and never play the lotto. :-)
:) In our house, money is 100% communal no matter how we got it. We also decide together how to spend it unless it's a random book here, fishing lure there.

I'm not sure if it would cause issues with our families. We would probably buy presents for our close families and friends, maybe cash gifts or paying off his sister's loans--things like that. I think we'd be pretty adamant that we weren't going to become the family dole, though. Though to be quite honest, our families are not the type who would ask for money--except one branch of the family that's been trying to live off the rest of us their whole lives (I have a big fam). I wouldn't feel badly about not giving to them as they've received tens of thousands from every working set of relatives.

We would likely give a large portion of it away, either to/through our church or our missionary friends or perhaps setting up a scholarship.
Everything (aside from underwear) is OURS. All donations of family/friends would be a joint decision.
If we won the lottery, first thing we'd do is set aside a huge chunk of it, and I'd enroll in full-time college. Then he would get as much as he wanted to build a completely kick-ass computer. We'd probably buy a car and driving lessons for me, we might buy a little house somewhere. Nobody in my family is poor, none of them need any money (his side either) so I don't think too many people would hit us up for it. I'm not sure what else we'd do with it... I'd probably pile £100 notes on the bed and roll around in it, giggling hysterically.
If I won 5 million dollars it would be "our" money. However as far as family and friends go, after our wedding we realized how few people are actually worthy of being called family or friends. My parents and siblings for instance wouldn't get one red cent. Hubby's family most of them wouldn't be getting anything either. We have a few close friends that we think of as family and we would help them out, the rest would buy us a house and set up trust funds for our future kids.
I would consider it 'ours' (because if it was on the other foot, I would feel all twitchy if he won the money and considered it only his) and we would discuss what to do with it - and I imagine we would be scrupulously fair about how much we give to each side of the family ($200k for yours, $200k for mine etc). My husband is much more financially savvy than me - he has investments and savings and he's been very generous with helping me clear my personally incurred debts, so I would probably rely on his advice on how to invest it etc - but I'd still want some cash for my own spending spree!
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