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newbie post!

sorry -- i'm not a super newbie but i forgot to add this com. to my friends list when i joined so i'm just now speaking up!

Name: Ashley

Age: 29

Location: Chicago

Wedding Date: 10/28/00

First marriage?: yup, for both of us

Kids?: kori (girl, age 7) and bennett (boy, age 5) . . . plus a bun in the oven that i think we're going to name brendan jeffrey, due on july 24th. wow, i think that's the first time i've seen the name in print.

Best part about being married: always having a buddy around . . . which is also sometimes hard, since i need some alone time! ;)

Trials in your marriage you'd like to share: well, i could write about this stuff for hours . . . i'll probably leave it for more specific posts that deal with some of the stuff we've gone through. i will say that we had a very rocky marriage for a number of years but that things have really turned around for us and we are now very happy. our issues definitely caused us to mature and become better people. for anyone that might be suffering in their marriage, i just want you to know -- there is hope!


I missed that you guys settled on a name. That's a great name!
actually you didn't miss anything, i hadn't said anything yet. again, weird that i would unveil it in a com instead of my journal!
:) Hello hello! Nice intro.
you're little pregnant icon is soo freaking cute. sorry just had to say that.
thank you! ;)
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