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When, oh when?

At what point in your marriage/relationship did ex's STOP contacting you or your hubby?

This seems neverending! It's never emails or texts or phone calls saying "hey, let's get back together" but the "I just wanted to say hi and see how you are doing" crap never seems to end!!! It's CONSTANT! If it's not someone on my side, it's on his! Some of these people have even been told that we don't really feel it's appropriate to maintain a friendship with them now that we're married. 

I mean seriously!


No, I totally understand your frustration. If you guys have done all you can, this is a sucky situation where you just have to wait it out.

One thing to think of - do you have filter options on your email? You could set up a filter so any email from those girls/guys addresses could skip the inbox and just go straight to delete. I know I pull that one with a particular address that my MIL uses only to send stupid Spam forwards. It helps a lot to just never even see the message! He can block their sn's on most IM programs.

The good thing is that eventually, they WILL stop calling. They will give up. Hang in there!

Thank you! :)
We just stopped using AIM when exes sorta chased us from one SN to another, and now we use yahoo and are very selective about who gets put on it (and knows our chat names). And we use Google chat and just don't give out those addys.

Better to be selective than cause each other grief.
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