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When, oh when?

At what point in your marriage/relationship did ex's STOP contacting you or your hubby?

This seems neverending! It's never emails or texts or phone calls saying "hey, let's get back together" but the "I just wanted to say hi and see how you are doing" crap never seems to end!!! It's CONSTANT! If it's not someone on my side, it's on his! Some of these people have even been told that we don't really feel it's appropriate to maintain a friendship with them now that we're married. 

I mean seriously!


oh do i know how you feel

im very very new to live journal, and i've only been married since october 2006 but i have had the SAME issue about the past coming back. i can be kinda of a jelous person at times and i feel like it's totally inappropriate for woman from my husbands past to be trying to still communicate with him, whether it's email, myspace, texting or calling. but its seems like your more calm than i am. lol. but i went to the extreme and both my husband and i changed our mobile numbers. but these ho's just keep finding ways to contact him (mostly through myspace) but in the end it all comes down to trust. i kinda just had to get over it and know that my husband and i were on the same page. he knows what i think is crossing the line and i just hope he respects it. but yeah good luck with that!
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