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When, oh when?

At what point in your marriage/relationship did ex's STOP contacting you or your hubby?

This seems neverending! It's never emails or texts or phone calls saying "hey, let's get back together" but the "I just wanted to say hi and see how you are doing" crap never seems to end!!! It's CONSTANT! If it's not someone on my side, it's on his! Some of these people have even been told that we don't really feel it's appropriate to maintain a friendship with them now that we're married. 

I mean seriously!


Wow, not since we first started dating. We made it pretty clear that not only did we not want to keep in touch, we wouldn't put up with others bringing them up in conversation around us either. I was only quasi-friendly with a couple of my exes and I just stopped emailing. I mean really, do I really want to be buddies with an ex until I'm 80? No way--waste of time and would upset my hubby (and vice-versa). So I just concentrated on non-ex friends with whom I might actually have an ongoing friendship and went separate ways from my exes.

I know some people are more laid back about it but we aren't. Those people are in the past--period.

And I wouldn't put up with an inch of any of his exes trying to weasel their way back into his life, either!! Actually speaking of exes, one of them was still in love with his ex, and she kept calling him to chat, and I finally called her myself and told her she was causing major friction and she should call him again if she wanted us to break up, otherwise leave him alone. She stopped calling. So I have ZERO problem with taking another woman out who's trying to lay ANY sort of emotional claim (even friendship) on my man.

Shameful but true. I'm a Scorpio and fit it to a T in that regard--horribly jealous and no scruples in that department.
UGH! That is how I am! He FEELS that same way but doesn't take action.

I do have one ex that I am friends with. I dated him briefly 10 years ago and since then, he has been a real friend to me. I rarely ever talk to him or anything. There was never a point when I was in love with him or wanted to be with him long-term or anything. He was a major asset to me when I needed him and had no one else (this was waaaaay past our dating). I think we will lose contact just because, but I think it would be really bad of me to tell him to bug off. He doesn't call. He doesn't email. He doesn't anything, so I don't feel right sending him a random email saying go away.

Any others were told in no uncertain terms!
Yeah I'd make my hubs take action!! Better to piss off an ex than the wife.
For real. Which side is his bread buttered on, really!!
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